Sri Lankans in Myanmar who intend to travel to Sri Lanka

The Embassy has received inquiries from Sri Lankans in Myanmar regarding travel to Sri Lanka.

The Embassy makes a record of the details of the inquiries and immediately reports to the authorities in Sri Lanka with the view of assisting the intended travellers to arrange an early departure.

It is unlikely that there will be a relief flight in the near future since there are no sufficient passengers from Yangon to Colombo, after the repatriation operation this Embassy arranged on 16th May, 2020. However, the Embassy would continue to do everything possible to assist those who want to return to Sri Lanka. Please note the following when applying for approval to return to Sri Lanka.

1. If you could locate a flight route to reach Sri Lanka via other countries, please make a request to the Embassy with details of the air route enabling the Embassy to assist you in obtaining the necessary approval from the authorities in Sri Lanka.

2. It is necessary for you to produce a PCR report obtained within 72 hours of your departure from Myanmar.

3. Please inform the authorities whether you opt to be quarantined in a quarantine centre or in a designated hotel in Sri Lanka. The Embassy understands that the hotel option is preferred for early approval.

Thank you
Sri Lanka Embassy

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